Agency for small and medium enterprises

Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises of the City of Bijeljina was established in 2006. The founder is the Municipal Assembly of Bijeljina. It was established in accordance with the Law on the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship.

The main goal of the Agency is to create conditions for the development of small and medium enterprises in the territory of the City of Bijeljina, providing direct support to businessmen and providing quality business services.

Why invest in Bijeljina?

Bijeljina is an urban settlement and is the center of local government unit with city status in North-Eastern part of Republic of Srpska and B&H. Аrea of the city is 734 square kilometers and includes Semberian plain which tourns to light hills of Majevica mountain.

Advantages of investing in city of Bijeljina

Industrial zones equipped with infrastructure, with favourable conditions of land plot purchase for brownfield investments, extra conveniences provided for construction of a plant for agricultural product processing or buying...

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Agency Activities

Agency Activities