Advantages of investing in BiH

- Stability of the currency;
- Low inflation rate;
- Favourable geographic position;
- Abundant natural resources;
- Existing economy capacities;
- Educated, qualified and comparably inexpensive labour;
- Favourable income tax rate in comparison to the other countries -10%;
- Taxes and contributions due to personal payroll -52%;
- Availability of international transfer of profit, upon fulfilment of legal obligations towards the Republic;
- BiH is a signatory of CEFTA Agreement on Free Trade with West Balkan Countries and Moldova;

National dealing with international investors:
- To establish a legal entity fully owned by the international investor (international or national investor);
- To invest into an existing company;
- To invest into bank or insurance company;
- To obtain a concession on use natural resources, goods of common utility, and to perform activities of general interest for the Republic.

Advantages of investing in the City of Bijeljina

- Industrial zones equipped with infrastructure, with favourable conditions of land plot purchase for brownfield investments, extra conveniences provided for construction of a plant for agricultural product processing or buying;
- Educated, qualified and comparably inexpensive labour;
- Efficient city administration;
- Regional centre of economics, culture and healthcare;
- Jurisdictions of Bijeljina Registry Court;
- Registration timeframe 3-5 days.

Incentives available in order to start-up small and medium companies

- Incentives to found a company - START-UP;
- Incentives for developing the existing and START-UP companies;
- Incentives for introducing a quality system;
- Incentives for women – entrepreneurs;
- Incentives for returnees – entrepreneurs;
- Incentives for unincorporated craft shops.

Incentive programmes adjusted to each individual investment, based on:

- the scope of investment;
- number of job vacancies;
- values of work positions; and
- classification of the investment as priority or a pod-sector.

An example of incentives:

- Payment for land in industry zones within the period of 60 months, with no interest rate inclusion;
- 70% - 90% of reduction of fees and taxes due to production facilities.

Information about incentives